"KEVIN VICALVI (MA) "Songs From Down The Hall" 1974 (Starizon Studios 2065/CD Left) This varied singer/songwriter album runs the gamut from folk to pop to blues to flamenco to piano ballads, hitting the mark on pretty much all of them. "Letter to Michael Henchard," a dirge with a dissonant chord progression and some stunning mellotron, is so good that anyone who hears it will probably run right out and buy the album. Nothing else matches it or sounds like it, but it's still hard to imagine too many people being disappointed by the rest of the record. Other nice moments include the synth on "Another Day, Another Time" and the poppy guitar hook on "You Just Don't Know." The album was issued in a plain white jacket with a wraparound poster/lyric sheet. CD has 7 bonus tracks. [AM]" - http://lysergia.com/AcidArchives/index.htm
    "I'm glad this record is still around. I'm just sorry I found your CD and website after I shelled out $85 for a replacement LP somewhere else. Oh well, now I can hear some extra tracks on the CD." - M. Gose, Ann Arbor, MI
    "Just got the CD reissue from CDBaby and love it! I can finally listen to the album at work and in my car! Sounds great, and I totally dig the bonus tracks. I have posted a review of the reissue on www.rateyourmusic.com. Just search your name under 'artists'. When is the next CD due?" - C. Kelsey, Toledo, OH
    "I'm getting tired of waiting. When's the next CD coming? Listening to "Songs From Down The Hall" just makes me want more." - G. Grey, Carlisle, PA
    "I love this CD. It's nice to read the liner notes to get the story of how you made it. It's nice to see photos of the people who made the music. Now I can see you guys playing the music in my head. I like the website too. " - N. Argei, Durham, NC
    "First, thank you for making this music available; it has been a treasured part of my life for more than twenty-five years. I've had "Songs From Down the Hall" since it was released and its still one of my favorite records. When I was thirteen, I taught myself to play harmonica so I could learn the parts on "Letter To My Big Brother" - when I was fifteen, only "Lost Or Going Home" could console my broken heart - and "Song From Down The Hall" still takes me back to a host of fondly remembered faces and places. Recently, I had reached the end of my wits trying to make a decent CD from my worn out LP - now I simply get to order a new copy from you. I'm psyched to get it on CD!- Thank You!" - P. Duchesneau, Bridgewater, NJ
"Great website! I'm ordering my CD right now!" - G. Vallatini, Quincy, MA
    "Finally got around to sitting down long enough to give your CD a listen. It's really wonderful; the songs you wrote at such a young age are amazing. A lot of it (particularly the acoustic stuff) reminded me of my days of volunteering at a local coffeehouse. Anyway, I really enjoy it (wish I had a CD player in my Blazer) and hope you'll put some more music out soon." - M. E. Barlow, Fort Edward, NY
    "Excellent website. I've decided to grow my hair out to match the cover of "Songs From Down The Hall". I'll call you in 5 years when it comes in." - C. Goldmacher, Nashville, TN
    "The condition of the albums is amazing! How many did you press and how many are still available today? I have just put the CD on and so far I think "Achin In My Heart" will be a fave. The sound over all is fine for a small press album like this." - R. Blomberg, Varberg, Sweden
"I think the $40 I dropped for a sealed copy was well spent." - R. Pontius, Cambridge, MA
    "Wow! I let a friend borrow the "Song From Down The Hall" LP and never got it back. What luck to find your website and get another copy. It's so good to hear these songs again. I especially like the bonus tracks on the CD. The LP arrived in great shape." - G. Banks, Manchester, England
    I've listened to your CD 3 times in the first two days. The wife and I both liked it. In the past there have been certain albums/CD's that "grew" on me. Gets better each time you hear it, know what I mean? This seems to be one of those, and it might be the reason it has developed such a following. Some of the cuts remind me of some of my old favorites - the harmony of the group America, CSN, Neil Young, and Buffalo Springfield. Maybe a little Fogleberg. Guess you were ahead of your time! M. Hayes - Chattanooga, TN
    I can't stop listening to your CD. I must play it 2x everyday at least. Michael Henchard is great. More Than I Could See, Old Richard too. It's the kind of sad that makes you feel good, if that makes any sense. Now I'm looking forward to your next CD. When is it coming out? - R. Tisdell, Yakima, WA
    Great sounding reissue on CD. I was afraid that it would sound too different from my original record, but it's like having the record, only cleaner sounding. Not that the original record is bad sounding - it's really well recorded. I actually like the bonus tracks even better than the regular record. They have a great "live feel" - just like you and Denis sounded at gigs when you were a duo. - T. O'Brien , Worcester, MA
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