Jen Cohen (1990's-2001)

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Here are some shots from a Jen Cohen show in Fargo, North Dakota. We did a LOT of gigs together in the 90's. Jen has a great song sense and a genuine stage persona: that's the real Jen Cohen that you're seeing on stage. And Jen's dates were always fun; most of a musician's time is spent either in a bus or van or in a hotel room - basically, you're in very tight spaces with your fellow travellers for long stretches of time, so it helps if you enjoy the people you travel with. In this band, we spend most of our time laughing - at ourselves, at the crazy obstacles that pop up at gigs, at the food - you name it. You've got to have a great sense of humor to last in this band - there are some real quick wits aboard!
Jen and I standing outside the van on a beautiful North Dakota afternoon. Jen's the one on the left.
Jen KV van
(l to r) Mark Gillespie, Kevin Rapillo, Jen, Kevin Vicalvi
Jen KV bass
A typical moment. We're cracking each other up.
Jen KV bass1
Mid-show pow-wow. The sets were always loosely planned, subject to our mood swings.
Jen KV bass2
Working it. Working it hard.
Jen KV bass3
Groovemeister Kevin Rapillo on drums. Solid as a rock. Meanwhile, I'm doing my best Rick Danko background vocal.
Jen KV drummer
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