Chalee Tennison (1999-2001)

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Here are some photos from hundreds that were taken of my tenure accompanying country recording artist Chalee Tennison. Chalee is one of the great country singers, and I was fortunate to have traveled all over the U.S. with her. We started out as a duo on a radio promotion tour and she always introduced me when we performed. She was also kind enough to thank me as her "one man band" on her first CD for Asylum Records, even though I didn't play on the record. As a member of her touring band, I had the opportunity to play the Grand Old Opry several times, both at the Grand Old Opry House and the Ryman Auditorium. On two occasions, we shared the bill with the legendary George Jones - a high point in any musician's career.
Here's a shot of an Opry Christmas show. We're either performing "Go Back" or "Under Your Skin" because I'm suffering from pick-in-mouth disease.
Opry Xmas
A rear view of our first Opry performance. Scott Simpson and I share a chuckle during a commercial break. (l-r: Holly Odell, KV, Scott Simpson)
Chalee back view
Waiting to go on, with Little Jimmy Dickens introducing us. The great thing about playing the Opry is hanging out with all the legends.
Little Jimmy Dickens
Our first gig at the Opry. Scott Simpson, Chalee, KV, Jim Vest, and Holly Odell.
Opry with Holly
Out of focus, but a great moment. Bill Anderson walks off after introducing Chalee.
Bill Anderson
Our dressing room at the Opry House. Cliff Thompson (in the forground) l-r: KV, Tony Harley, Laura Weber, Chalee, Barry Chance, Jim Vest, Barry Walsh (at piano).
Opry Dressing Room
Chalee, KV, and Laura warming up harmonies at the Ryman.
Dressing Room Harmonies
A dressing room shot from the Ryman/George Jones gig. l-r: Jim Vest, Cliff Thompson, KV, Laura Weber, Chalee.
Dressing Room
On stage at the George Jones gig. l-r: Chalee, Scott Simpson, Laura, KV.
Ryman On Stage
A duo gig at Tower Records in Nashville during Fan Fair.
At Tower Records
Back at the Opry. l-r: Cliff Thompson, Chalee, Mike Chapman, KV, and Jim Vest on steel guitar.
Opry with Mike Chapman
Chalee and I ran from the Opry House over to WSM studios at the Opryland Hotel to do a live performance. This shot is typical of the gigs we did on the radio promo tour.
Live on WSM
Grand Ole Opry at the world famous Ryman Auditorium. l-r: Barry Walsh, Chalee, KV, and Mike Chapman.
Opry at the Ryman
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