Letter To My Big Brother

 words and music by Kevin Vicalvi
  Kevin Vicalvi/Tudor Hill Music

Your words are a river, but you're running dry;
You just can't believe what you see.
You can't be a giver though you don't see why
Your life is a withering tree.
There's a circus tonight in the city,
Alive with black dances and blue firelight
And secrets you've never seen.

Afraid to look upward, your eyes to the ground,
You try much too hard to be free.
You sleep in a cupboard, but your dreams run aground;
You're trying to wake desperately.
While a library burns in the city,
Alive with torn pages and charred memories
And secrets you'll never read.

While a black spider laughs in the city,
Dancing on windows and blue T.V. screens
And places you've never been.

A walleyed god watches, stealing your voice
And monitoring all that you see.
Your mind limps on crutches, but you don't have
   much choice;
You're part of the vast company.
There's a silence tonight in the city,
Slowly forgetting what could have been,
And secrets you've never seen.