Prologue: A Song From Down The Hall

 words and music by Kevin Vicalvi
  Kevin Vicalvi/Tudor Hill Music

When you're walking in the street
Do you listen to yourself?
All the voices of your life
Conversations with your wife
Or is there someone else you see
That takes you back to where you used to be?
Was it the girl you left behind,
Or some old song that somehow slipped your mind,
Or was it something -
Something you were thinking at the time.

Maybe someone's tapping on a window in your mind -
Pebbles flying gently through the air.
Maybe there were times when you had acted less than kind,
And found the damage far beyond repair.
You wrote it out in finest lines,
Making sure that every moment rhymed
And didn't worry much
If there was a time you couldn't recall -
It was just another song from down the hall...